Pavigym Endurance

Why is Endurance our most complete solution for fitness?

Because it is our high-density flooring for supreme resistance for your cardio, functional & free weight areas.*

 Need more reasons? We’ve got 6

1) Pavigym Endurance is unbreakable.
The high-density virgin rubber material is 6 times more resistant than recycled rubber from tires.


2) Pavigym Endurance is high resistance.
Protects the surface, the subfloor and your training accessories.

High resistance

3) Pavigym Endurance prevents sliding.
Prevents the machinery from sliding.


4) Pavigym Endurance reduces the noise and sound vibration that causes discomfort for users.


5) Pavigym Endurance is hygienic.

No migrations. No transfer of chemicals to surface.


6) Pavigym Endurance is non-porous.
No liquids leak through:

  • Easy to clean
  • No mould
  • No bad odour

In addition, Pavigym Endurance is easy to install: loose-laid, no need to glue, with all the cost savings which that implies.

Inspire your gym members through the design of your club with Pavigym Endurance.

If you are interested in Pavigym Endurance and want to talk with our Sales Team, use our contact form.


* Medium loads